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Egy kis pletyka a koronavírus hatására kialakult uborkaszezonban.

Ricardo Campello-t már a Naish szponzorálja, nagyjából azóta Bernd Roediger nem Naish szponzorált. Lehet hogy kicsit zokon vette. Alább egy, az IWT által készített interjúban nekiáll a volt szponzorát, a márkás deszkákat gyártó cégeket, és vásárlókat fikázni, nagyjából mindenkit, aki nem Hawaii soul-szörfös, aki rendesen custom deszkával szörfözik, és nem érdekli semmi, csak a hullámok..

Később, lejjebb Robby Naish reakciója..

Érdekesség még az, hogy bár ehhez a vitához nincs köze közvetlenül, de Ricardo Campello, aki miatt - talán - Bernd már nem Naish szponzorált, ehhez hasonló kirohanással "búcsúzott" régi szponzorától (Patrik). Persze a piac büntetett is, a világ egyik legjobb wave-szörföseként eltartott pár évig míg újra "rendes szponzort" talált.


In this, the final post of the @bernd_roediger interview, his written response to the final question (Q7) sees him express some pretty controversial and provocative views:

IWT - Q7: If the world of international sports is able to once again thrive next year, what will you do? Will you be able to survive as an athlete until then and get the support to compete in 2021? Is that what you want?

Bernd - A7: Well, I was actually just dropped from the Naish team. Which I consider a badge of honor as an aspiring artist. Being discarded by Corporate America was probably something I had, foolishly, subconsciously yearned for! So perhaps support for 2021 won?t come. But at the same time, perhaps I can also stop painting custom boards from local shapers in production graphics, playing at a vague and half-hearted attempt to hoodwink customers, I don?t know.

I?m not trying to put down the industry, or products coming from overseas, I?m a Prime member too. But the fact is that the only time we ever use the production stuff is during the photoshoot, and then we put that board in the shed. Favouring one of our customs instead, shaped by someone completely unrelated to Naish. But still we?re hoping you will buy the board we pumped out, because we apparently don?t think very much of you or your abilities of simple discernment.

At this point in time, the idea of creating something real, here, where I grew up seems more enticing than selling something fake for a ticket around the world. Naish used to be Naish Hawaii, and I remember Harold Iggy, sitting in his shop. His wisdom made a huge impact on me as a young person, and I?d love watching him passionately creating masterpice boards, in a small shed on the North Shore. That Naish is gone, and I just hope I never end up going wherever it is that they went.


Robby Naish válasza:

This is so incredibly offensive and far from reality that I can hardly contain myself. Bernd is so talented as an athlete - Gifted even - Yet his sense of reality is so distorted that I feel sorry for him. What he says about my brand is patently untrue. We all ride production board the vast majority of the time. And the legacy of this brand and where it came from is every bit as true to the core today as it ever was. For Bernd to use the name and memory of my great friend Harold Iggy to disparage my name and company is unbelievably offensive and out of line. Calling Naish "corporate America" so as to somehow shed a negative light upon us is also insanity. I am the only shareholder of this company. We work our asses off day in and day out to survive in a very difficult business. We love what we do and we make things that better peoples lives, getting them out on the water and into nature. I think that Bernd has a warped sense of reality and vision of how the world works. He clearly has no appreciation for a dollar or real work ethic. He has been given so much opportunity and could be thriving as an athlete. Yet his ignorance has always gotten in his way. Sad.

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Robby Naish    


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